The Warfighters is an original documentary series exploring what drives the most elite forces in the world to complete their missions against immeasurable odds and unrelenting forces. Featuring true stories from the real heroes of each mission, this series provides an unparalleled and unwavering look at the elite men and women who serve and protect the United States.  With exclusive content that blends honest interviews with stunning cinematic sequences, these stories of heroism and sacrifice ultimately reveal the strength of our humanity even in the darkest of places.  

Available on History Channel and iTunes.

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The Warfighters is dedicated to sharing stories of extraordinary valor and service.  If you have a story from courageous servicemen and women, we would like to hear it.  

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Submitting your story online does not guarantee involvement in The Warfighters.  Although only a limited number of episodes can be produced, we thank you for your service, sharing your story with us and for your support of the project.